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Transform the way we discover & share music

Spotify Social

In 2008, Spotify transformed the way we listen to music
Now, Spotify can transform how we discover & share music

UX Design Case Study on Spotify


Self-initiated case study to work on ux projects that combine tech & music

Role: UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer, UX Writer

Time Frame: 2 weeks



Spotify currently offers limited opportunities for interaction between users. How can Spotify incorporate features of a social platform to allow users to connect, discover & share music within the mobile app?

Create authentic & intuitive user interactions between friends on the Spotify mobile app through core features:​
  • Ability to share music within the mobile app
  • Ability to view and react to what your friends are listening to
  • Improve accessibility to Spotify Blend & Collaborative playlists

The Design Process for Spotify Social

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Spotify Research

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from creators all over the world.

Spotify's mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity — by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

What is Spotify's Mission?

How does Spotify currently offer opportunities for users to interact?

  • Share music externally via messages, snapchat, instagram, etc…

  • Ability to see what your friends are listening to on desktop app only

  • Ability to view a friend’s profile to discover their public playlists & recently listened to artists

  • Blend playlists made by Spotify

  • Collaborative playlists made by users

User Research

Spotify User Behavior

Interview Objectives

Interview Goal

After researching Spotify's current limited opportunities for users to interact, I began interviewing users to understand their usage behavior & uncover potential feelings of interaction through music.
  1. To gather quantitative & qualitative data on a Spotify user’s behavior
  2. To understand how users are utilizing the current social features (such as blend & collaborative playlists)
  3. To uncover how users feel about the idea of connecting & interacting with their friends more through Spotify

Affinity Diagram

Data below reflects 7 zoom interviews & 24 survey results. Participants are active Spotify iPhone users with an age range of 21–35.
Utilized to identify key behaviors & insights about Spotify users by clustering the user data into 6 categories: Usage Behavior, Utilization of Blend & Collaborative Playlists, Sharing Music, Favorite Features, Activity Between Friends, and Outlook on Music & Friendships

Key User Behavior

How do users currently utilize Spotify's social features?

Most Users...

  • Rarely utilize blend or collaborative playlists often because they do not find these features to be intuitive or obvious

  • Only follow their closest friends on Spotify

  • Share songs & playlists via messaging or instagram at least once a week

  • Visit a friend’s profile a few times a year or never

Excerpts from users...

“I enjoy going on my friends’ profiles just to listen to their playlists and expose myself to music that is drastically different from my taste. I kind of wish I could be exposed more to what my friends are listening to.”​

“Seeing what my friends are listening to on the desktop app is always a feature that caught my attention, but I think it could be much more interesting.”

How do users feel about connecting with their friends within the Spotify app?

of users are excited about the idea of interacting more with their friends through music.

“I’ve never had a friendship that was purely predicated on our music tastes, but it definitely strengthens a bond that already exists”


💡 Research Summary

Based on gathering data from 7 zoom interviews & 24 survey results, participants are happily listening to Spotify all day, everyday as they find the user experience to be easy & friendly. Spotify is within the top 5 most used mobile apps for all participants; the other top 5 apps being messages & social media platforms. Most users send music to their friends at least once a week. However, they do not actively utilize the social features, such as blend & collaborative playlists, because they do not find these features to be intuitive or obvious within the app. Most users also rarely visit a friend’s profile. Although they do not currently utilize all of Spotify’s opportunities for interaction, 100% of users are excited about more valuable & quick interactions with their close friends within the mobile app.