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Relationship-based card game converted into a mobile app


Project for Columbia University 

Role: UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer, UX Writer

Time Frame: 3 weeks



WNRS is limited to players who own the physical card game and are in close vicinity.

How can we replicate the intimate in-person experience of playing the card game WNRS into a virtual experience?

Convert a physical card game into a virtual experience while maintaining the key connective & intimate user experience. Enable users to play virtually through a mobile application.


What is We're Not Really Strangers?

Purpose-driven card game and movement designed to empower meaningful connections between players.

Three carefully crafted levels of questions and wildcards allow you to deepen your existing relationships and create new ones.

User Research

Interview Objectives

Example of Interview Questions

Interview Plan

Gather valuable insights from two distinct groups of participants to inform the development of the We're Not Really Strangers (WNRS) card game into a mobile application.
The first group consists of individuals who have previously played the physical card game "We're Not Really Strangers." The second group includes individuals who have experience playing a card game with others via a mobile application.
1. To gather quantitative & qualitative data on a WNRS user’s behavior
​2. To empathize with a user's prior experience & motivation to play WNRS
3. To understand how users utilize mobile games to connect & strengthen social bonds
  • Can you briefly describe your experience with the physical card game "We're Not Really Strangers"? How did you first hear about it, and how often have you played it?
  • What motivated you to play "We're Not Really Strangers"? Was it with friends, family, or strangers? Could you describe the social setting where you played this game?
  • Could you share some of your favorite moments or aspects of the game? What made those moments memorable?
  • Could you walk me through the emotions you experienced throughout playing the game from beginning to end?

Affinity Diagram

Data reflects 7 interviews & 11 survey results. 
Each color represents a user


Synthesize User Research


User Environment


Problem Statement

Gave users an opportunity to get closer to their friends in a way that isn’t done in their daily lives


Helped users with anxiety & communication issues feel more comfortable opening up


Helped users meet new people in an intentional manner

Users usually play general card games with friends or family at least once a month


Play WNRS with friends & strangers


Scenarios: First date, casual gathering, party

Suspenseful, fun, tension, happy, curious, warm, provoking, tearful, comfortable

We’re Not Really Strangers is a card game designed to empower meaningful connections, however is currently only available to be played physically. This limits the opportunity for players with all different kinds of relationships (friends, family, strangers, etc.) to bond & connect over WNRS as it assumes the players are in close proximity and at least one player happens to be physically carrying the game.

How might we design a mobile app version of WNRS that will allow users to share intimate moments of strengthening their relationships no matter the distance between them, as well as grant users the opportunity to intentionally explore new relationships with people who they have never met before?


MoSCoW Feature Prioritization Matrix

Utilized to brainstorm and identify core features with team

Core Features of WNRS Mobile App

Pictured below are features that were identified as required to replicate the intimate in-person experience

Team Sketches

Game Flow

Design & Iterate

Lo-fi to Hi-Fi Iterations